Friday, 20 September 2013

Luck Lust Liquor & Burn, Manchester.

Imagine going to see your favourite band, and you're just waiting for them to do that tune, you know that one that you love. So you have to wait patiently whilst they play all their new tunes that are not as good as their old stuff. This is what happened to me at The Southport Weekender a few years back. We were watching Sounds of Blackness and waiting for them to play their 1991 cross over soulful gospel hit; Optimistic. So why am I telling you this on a food blog? Well because I was in the Londis buying a dirty sausage roll at the time. So I missed the whole of the tune as I was stuck in a queue. You see this is what happens when I've had three or four pints in the afternoon, I get to the point when I have to consume something dirty and greasy.
This happened the other day when we were in town, but luckily we were on our way to Lust, Luck Liquor and Burn; perfect timing. My sister and her partner were up, and we'd wanted to show her some of our favourite places. We'd drank in the good (The Castle Hotel - a great boozer), the bad (the new Lower Turks Head; all the ambience and clientèle of an airport bar at 5am with only boring Black sheep beer on), and we'd had some very fine cocktails in From Dusk til Pawn. But now I needed to eat, and I needed to eat now.
 I'd booked a booth, but through some breakdown of communication this wasn't available. Luckily, I'm not a difficult drunk so I wasn't inclined to do a Michael Winner about it.
The booth I wanted.
We got a nice seat anyway tucked in a corner. We ordered much of what we've had before; Buffalo Chicken Blasts (£4), Dirty Chicken Street Tacos (£6.50) and also tried the Quesadillas (£4). From what I remember, they were all ace.

Since the sad demise of Almost Famous in a recent fire they've added extra burgers to the menu. I had Killer Bacon Cheese (triple double cheeseburger, bacon, cheese, fresh chilli 'Baconnaise' Chipotle ketchup, £8.50). This really hit the spot, juicy and pink, the bacon was crispy as well, my favourite.
Here's a burger they prepared earlier.
When the bill came I recall thinking they'd got it wrong as it seemed to be quite low. So we paid up and f*cked off.  Another drunken night out, well enjoyed.
 Note the photos here are from an earlier visit, as the ones from the night look like a blurry red 70's horror film.

Soundtrack; Sounds of Blackness: Optimistic.

The New Menu; Click to enlarge.
Please not this blog does not endorse drunken behaviour. Please drink sensibly.

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