Friday, 27 September 2013

Independent Manchester Beer Convention.

I just worked out that I've been drinking beer for nearly 30 years. Jesus, that's actually quite scary. Even early on I worked out that if I was going to be drinking a fair bit of it, I might as well make sure it was going to be good stuff. Thankfully I get an amazing choice in Chorlton, in my view it must be the very best place in the country for proper real ale. There are well over 20 outlets, and the places that do well seem to be the ones that have the best choice (Electrik, Marble, The Beagle, The Bar etc). However, I live in a little bubble of real ale excellence, a lot of people outside of the big cities may not have such a fantastic choice.
Some recent beers I've enjoyed.
We do very well in Manchester too, with more and more beer festivals throughout the year. Sadly I missed the Chorlton one this year, but I will be going to the Independent Manchester Beer Convention on Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th October 2013 at Victoria Baths. (There are currently only tickets available for Thursday and Sunday.) Even for a beer festival the list of brewers are excellent;
Arbor, Beavertown, Birra Del Borgo, Birrificio Italiano, Bitches Brewing, Blackjack Beers, BrewDog, BrewFist, Brodie’s, Buxton, Camden Town Brewery, Cromarty, Dark Star, Emelisse, First Chop, Harbour, Hawkshead, Kirkstall Brewery, Liverpool Craft Beer Co., Lovibonds, Magic Rock, Marble, Mikkeller, The Moss Cider Project, Quantum, Redchurch Brewery, RedWillow, Roosters, Siren Craft Brew, Summer Wine Brewery, Tap East, The Kernel, Thistly Cross, Thornbridge, Tiny Rebel, Toccalmatto, To Øl, Weird Beard, Wild Beer and MORE!

I've been in training for this for 30 years, but there's only one problem, how can I possibly sample them all? for more details.

Soundtrack; ‪Amos Milburn - One Scotch, One, Bourbon, One Beer‬.

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