Thursday 26 September 2013

Electrik, Chorlton Manchester.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Electrik is probably my favourite bar in the Chorlton centre amongst some high quality competition. They've got an amazing beer choice, and a chilled, scruffy vibe, plus they make a seriously good mojito. On the rare occasion we go clubbing in town these days, we always meet there first for a cocktail.
But I've never eaten at Electrik, despite hearing good things about their Sunday dinner. I popped in today for a burger. I was very tempted by the Electrikuted Dog; Giant smoked pork dog smothered in chilli and cheese (£6.80). I've seen photos of this beast on twitter. But as tomorrow I plan to go to Dogs & Dough in town, I opted for the Electrified Burger; beef chilli, cheese, Jalapenos, our own dirty sauce (£8.50). Being the greedy sort I also had to get the Mucky Electrikfied spicy fries, cheese sauce and Jalapenos (£4.50). 

As usual, I had eyes bigger than my belly. Bloody hell it was huge when it arrived. Big, juicy, dirty and just a bit sloppy, even for me this was a trial to get through! It's not the best burger I 've ever had, not the worst by an means either. I reckon it would have gone down better after a few more pints of Warsteiner. There are better places for burgers in town, but it's big simple bar food that would nicely end a mammoth drinking session where this would work best. The chips were equally plentiful and mucky; I couldn't even finish them, and I'm a 'professional'.  Maybe I'm finally burgered out. This came to about £16 with a pint, which is probably a bit more than I want to spend for lunch, but I really didn't need the fries as well.
Shall I return again for the food? Yes definitely, and I'll be getting a big f*ck off dog next time. Will I ever learn?

Soundtrack; Electrik Red - So Good.
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