Saturday 17 August 2013

Mughli, Rusholme Manchester.

There are many restaurants that I've enjoyed visiting, but as I've 'done them' now, I have no plans to return. Mughli isn't one of those places. It's my favourite Indian restaurant in Manchester, along with The Great Kathmandu (which is Nepalese anyway.)

For me visiting Rusholme is like a quick trip to another country. I love its vibrancy, the noise and colour. When I used to live there 20 years ago there was still a Greggs ('seconds' - we used to queue for days old bread as it was dirt cheap,) and still a Kwik Save for the 'big shop'. Thankfully, these have all been taken over now by Indian businesses, for the better in my book.
There are still small enclaves of the old Rusholme, we went for a pre meal drink in the Albert this little boozer looked like it hadn't changed for 20 years, and they were playing Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis on the jukebox which seemed about right. We weren't in Chorlton now with it's £4 pint and American craft beers, this was strictly old school; lager and one crappy real ale handpump on tap.(Sent back by my mate the fireman.)
Mughli is strictly new school of Indian restaurants though, they use social media to full effect, and they're miles away from the places that we used to frequent in the early 90's. (And probably still exist.) It was yet another meeting of the Chorlton Curry Club, but we were introducing them to Mughli for the first time in probably 20 years.
So we ordered a few poppadoms. (We sensibly didn't fill up on these as we were in for big food.)
Chicken & tamarind mushroom cutlets (not on the menu compliments of the chef, gratefully received.)

Lamb chops tikka; amazingly delicious, juicy and tender as they were last time.
Nizam roll. Pretty good, love the presentation in newspaper.
Nihari; I really enjoyed this traditional dish, very rich in flavour, maybe not for the fans of tikka masala, this is the real thing!

Methi Chicken. Liked it, although I preferred the Makhani from last time.

Plus Aubergine Mash; a real winner with Mrs B. All mopped up with the fabulous Peter’s bread (garlic oil, chilli flakes & fresh coriander.)
You know you're  intending to order too much when the manager tells you you have 'eyes bigger than your belly' (something I've been told all my life!) Luckily this was about right and in fact we had some left overs to take home for a lunchtime treat.
So yet another successful meeting of the Chorlton Curry Club, we'll be back soon for more I've no doubt.
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Tune: Cigarettes and Alcohol - Oasis.

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