Thursday 29 August 2013

Coriander, Chorlton Manchester.

I have a problem with curry, I love it but it doesn't love me. It's not the spiciness that's a problem, it's the fact that when I've had one, I just can't sleep. I go off ok (the several pints see to that), but half way through the night (2 - 4am at the worst time), I wake up and I'm wide awake. I think it's the ghee, my body just can't digest it very well, so at 8am I still feel quite full and skip breakfast.

Strangely this doesn't seem to happen after a meal at Coriander, I think it's because they promote the lack of fat and colouring in their food - it really does make a difference to me.
When the original Coriander opened several years ago we were regulars, but it was just too far to walk, we told the owner Matin; "move to Chorlton, you'll make loads more money!" The original restaurant near Southern Cemetery was just too far out of the way for us and I guess most of Chorlton. So this year our wish was finally granted. It's been a huge success as we predicted!

I've been back a few times (see the original review here). We returned again on Sunday; it didn't disappoint as it never does.

After the customary poppadoms and chutneys (always crisp and freshly made). We shared two starters between us. Mix Grilled platter (£3.90). A combination of reshmi chicken, lamb tikka, sheikh kebab and onion Bhaji.
Plus a Pakura platter (£3.70). A combination of vege pakura, chicken pakura, lentil pakura. It was all good, no complaints here. I still think the likes of Mughli just edge it in terms of juicy tikka char-grilled meats though.
The mains were both well tasty as well; Coriander Special Lamb (£7.90). Chunk of lamb infused by mustard, cumin, garlic and cooked with the house special masala.
Also a very spicy Chilli garlic masala  with lots of garlic, ginger with green and dry chilli (£7.50.) Pity I didn't consult this blog as I ordered this last time!

There's something about the way they cook here, I can only describe it as 'clean'; you can taste the individual flavours, I love it, everybody else in our group of 8 did too.
The nan is pretty good too. But the service is still at snails pace.
But we'll be back again to Coriander, it's the best Indian in Chorlton and one of the best in Manchester too.

Price: Good value.
Service: Friendly, slow at times.
Food: Very good of its type.
Score: 7/10.
Tune: Steely Dan  - Do It Again.

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