Monday 29 July 2013

Stone Brewing Co.

Here I taste four American Craft Beers from Stone Brewing Co. in San Diego.
My American Craft beer quest continues unabated. These were all bought from The Chorlton Off Licence whose American Craft Beer section keeps getting better and better.
Levitation Ale. (£2.99.)
Dark and hoppy and a deep amber colour, a little too dry and bitter for me.

Stone Pale Ale (£2.99.)
Tastes almost bland in comparison to the previous, after a bit the flavour comes through, soft and easy drinking with delicate hop aromas.

Stone IPA. (£2.99.)
This is the one, like Goldilocks tasting the porridge; it's just right. Perfectly balanced between hops and those tropical flavours I love.

Ruination IPA. (£3.99.)
Ooo, very nice indeed, a double IPA so much more hoppy and bitter than the last one, complex and intense like an IPA on steroids.
Chorlton Off Licence,
520 Wilbraham Road.
Manchester M21 9AW.

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