Monday, 22 July 2013

Nu, Girona, Spain.

We flew in to Girona to eat at El Celler de Can Roca which was booked for lunch on the following day. But the question was, where would we eat on our first evening? I settled on Nu. I liked the look of it, and I liked the price too; €47.75 for a 10 course taster menu, perfect as a warm up for El Celler, plus it didn't break the bank.

Nu is in the old part of this pretty little town and just a short walk from our hotel Nord 1901. It looks a little like a modern sushi bar and has obvious Asian influences in the food.

We ate an enjoyable appetizer of crunchy cassava and "Espinaler" sauce.
Diced vegetable (de-constructed) salad with smoked eel and mayonnaise.

Cod bonbon, tomato caviar and virgin olive oil. (This was especially good.)

Semi-cured mackerel with sweet and sour seaweed and citrus.

King prawns tempura with curry mayonnaise. (Great fun.)

Ravioli filled with black sausage with pumpkin cream and apple.
Salmon tataki, fruit chop suey and fresh wild mushrooms. (This was a little over salted.)

Wagyu burger on baghrir, vegetables and poached egg. (Another excellent dish.)

Home-made “xuixo” cream-filled pastry with star anise.
Red fruits tartare, soup and its sphere of vineyard peach.
In the past, I've talked about the 'trickle-down effect', where Michelin star restaurants have a positive influence on those around it, and I believe that the general quality of all in the vicinity (at every level) steps up a notch. Nu is a brilliant example, clearly influenced by El Celler de Can Roca (using tweezers to eat with for one obvious example.) The same group also owns another Michelin starred restaurant in Girona; Massana. (Obviously you cannot judge Nu against these Michelin starred places, as it is quite a bit cheaper.)
Nu does however have a contemporary fusion style of it's own though, the food is great fun and it represents superb value for money in a swish modern setting.

Price: £40 for 10 courses.
Once again, Spain seems to offer better value for money (for the quality of food received) than the UK.
Service: Good.
Food: Very good for the price.
Star dish:
Cod bonbon.
Score: 8/10.

* Nu is in the Michelin Guide.

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  1. that looks like a fabulous meal, and I am inclined to agree, from the pictures at least, an excellent value tasting menu. What a great find!