Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fiscardo, Kefalonia.

We're going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks, so this will be the last proper post for a while. With holidays in mind, I've decided to expand the remit of this website, to include more travel pertinent posts, that are not necessarily food related, although with us, you know our stomachs always play a part! We love to travel, and go on holiday, so writing about and photographing places we've been to is a real pleasure.... 
Kefalonia was the our first Greek island, and you never forget your first time do you? We travelled the whole island stopping at various places along the way. I think it's such a waste staying in one place for the whole time, so I get a map and work out where we're staying and for how long. You'd think it would be a rush, but strangely it doesn't feel like that when you're actually doing it. So in Kefalonia, we'd already been to Assos which was beautiful enough, but we were really bowled over by Fiscardo at the northern most tip of the island. It's got a reputation of being full of posh yachting types, but you cannot argue with it's beauty; a pretty fishing village huddled on a small bay. There is colour everywhere. The colour of British holidays is a dull muddy greeny grey, the colour of Greek ones is pure bright blue.
We stayed at the Fiscardo Bay Hotel, a charming little boutique hotel just up the hill from the village. In the afternoon, we bought too many local cheese pastries and sat on the pebble beach at Fokki Bay eating them. This was only marginally spoilt by loud hooray types being extremely noisy in the water. What is it about posh people that gives them so much confidence in absolutely everything they are saying? After a while it got quite entertaining. Even they couldn't spoil the sheer beauty of the place, the crystal clear water and pine trees.
That night, we ate a huge seafood platter on the harbour front at Lagoudera II. It was so plentiful, we had to feed the leftovers to the grateful skinny cats that seem to be everywhere in Greece. We topped off this with authentic Gelatos from the ice cream parlour on the quayside. Life was good, but then I guess it so often is in Fiscardo.
Sitting on the Quayside at Lagoudera II.

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