Wednesday 5 June 2013

The Fish Shack, Talamanca Ibiza.

We went to Ibiza a few years ago on holiday. I know what you're thinking, it's all ravers and high rise. But San Antonio aside (we never actually went there), it's a really beautiful island and remarkably unspoilt. You can drive 10 minutes out of Ibiza town (actually a pretty if buzzing Spanish town,) and you're in farm land with olive trees and goats. So our Ibiza wasn't as you'd imagine if you've only seen those awful TV shows like Ibiza uncovered. One place I wanted to tell you about was a little shack perched on the rocks, which is a perfect antidote to all those poseur restaurants that exist in town. No, The Fish Shack is first and foremost ultimately Spanish. Walk from Talamanca Beach just outside of Ibiza town but in the opposite direction, scramble up the rocky path, and you come to a scruffy beach shack. It has no roof, no menu, and no name.
Such a place simply does not exist in the UK. You ask for what's good that day. It's always fish; Shrimp, Sea bass, squid, dorada, swordfish.....
We ate fantastic simple fresh sardinas with sautéed potatoes and salad for just €9 (cash only) plus some giant juicy prawns.

But as ever on holiday, it's all the elements combined which make it such a memorable meal. Watching the sun go down and the stars go up was magical. We observed an athletic swimmer swim along to the shack, get out of the water and buy a beer (where does he keep his money?)
Sat on our plastic chairs and drinking Estrella beer, looking out over the twinkling lights of Ibiza bay, we knew that everything was all right with the world for just for that moment.

The Fish Shack has no address you just have to find it for yourselves.

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