Wednesday 19 June 2013

Burger Night at Parlour Chorlton.

I hate Tuesdays. Always have done. Nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday. I'm sure we used to have double maths on Tuesdays. And for tea it would always be something like pork chops, cabbage and BOILED potatoes (not roasties, these were strictly reserved for Sundays only). I still hate Tuesdays because it's right in the middle of my fun repression (*fun = eating & drinking. If I'm not consuming, I'm not happy). As I may have told you, if I don't do this abstinence for a few days a week, my liver and guts wouldn't last too long, and I would be Britain's fattest man.

However I made a rare exception this week. My local favourite Parlour invited us down to sample their Burger Night. You know when I said I was all burgered out? Well I lied.
You may have seen that I'm a fan of Parlour, I think they have everything spot on, the ambience, the shabby chic, the beer choice (seems to get better each time I visit), and the food is reliably good, plus the menu is very well thought out. And it's only 2 minutes from Bacontowers.

Last night made me love Parlour even more. Tuesdays is a slow night for restaurants as well, so they've designed this special menu to lure people in. We went early (like old people), but it looked like it was going to prove popular, the way they were moving tables around getting ready for large groups soon to arrive.

Basically you pay £17.50, and you get a big slate board with 3 sliders (mini burgers) on. Except they're not so mini. (Unlike Southern 11 in town where they're gone in just one mouthful). These were actually quite big, and they were all fantastic.

 In order of our favourites:
1. Wild Boar & Black Pudding (granary with poppy seeds topped with wild mushroom, spinach and blue cheese.

2. Classic American (beef) white sesame topped with blue cheese, smoked pancetta, gherkin & parlour club sauce.

3. Spicy Chicken Balti, sun blushed tomato topped with mango chutney and reetha (indian herb). This doesn't sound like it'd work, but it did.

You also get a massive tray of fries (half with smoked paprika which we preferred). The only slight criticism of the food I have is that the fries were a bit limp and soggy. Did it stop me devouring them? What do you think?

We enjoyed the onion rings, and a new one on me; battered gherkins - these really work as well!

You also get a free beer to go with it - some tins of Brooklyn Summer Ale.

For pudding, it's boozy milkshakes using the best local ice cream from Gingers Comfort Emporium. We both went for vanilla and chocolate with a side shot of Baileys.

 Mrs Bacon and I thought that it was all really good value for money and the service as ever was perfect, (special mention for our waitress; she was extremely friendly; she patted Sam the dog and took a photo of us.)
If they do another one of these burger nights, as I'm sure they will, I would whole heartedly recommend it, it's good value and it's good fun. And it will liven up the dullest day of the week. It certainly lifted our normally depressing Tuesday anyway.

Meat is by Frosts, and bread by JB Richardson.
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