Tuesday 18 June 2013

American Craft beer: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

It's tempting to pick up any imported American Craft beers and think they're all going to be fantastic, after all I've drank some amazing ales lately. But sadly this is not always the case. Here are six I recently had which were decidedly a mixed bag.
Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA.
A decent, clean, tangy and malty brew. Slightly too malty for my tastes but eminently drinkable as Sierra Nevada beers tend to be. 

Odell India Pale Ale.
Niiiiiiice! Evenly balanced, fruity, fresh and tropical, not overly bitter, in fact the perfect IPA for me. Every single beer I've tried by Odell has been superb.

Anchor Porter.
Strangely I can't remember having tried this before. I think I must have done. I now know why I forgot it. It's bland, thin and weedy. Disappointingly not worth the wait. There are so many better porters out there. 

Shipyard Fuggles IPA.
This is really boring. Why import this really bland beer from The States, when there are so many other good ones? It's not unpleasant just unremarkable.

Sierra Nevada Stout.
Better than the previous, quality as ever by this brewery but not outstanding, they do better beers.

Point Black Ale.
Another disappointing one for me, slightly malty and just dull.

All beers were bought from Tiny's Tipple in Chorlton. 


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