Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Flying Dog Craft Ale.

As I was waiting for an Indian takeaway the other week at Mahbub, I popped into the local corner shop next door, the Chorlton Off Licence to pick up some cold drinks to go with it. To my surprise this little place had an excellent craft beer section. A range of no less than four Flying Dog ales caught my eye, especially with the striking Ralph Steadman illustrations on the labels, so I had to buy them. The prices were very attractive too, I've never seen these American beers at such a good price.
Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA (£2.75).
Very very dry and bitter, you can taste the Belgian yeast but with the American hoppy twist. Too much for me I'm afraid. I think I have a sensitive palate, and this for me was like sucking a beer soaked lemon. If you like doing that, you'll love this beer.

Snake dog IPA (£2.20).
I preferred this much more, it's more balanced, clean, slightly malty and bitter, but not too much. There is still that grapefruit taste, but not too overpowering. I liked it.

Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale. (£2.10).
It's a bit of a three 3 bears scenario this tasting, as this one was perfect for me. Not too bitter, not too malty, but just right. Very pleasant; my favourite I think.

Underdog Atlantic Lager (£2.10).
This is a soft easy drinking lager, nothing special.

Chorlton Off Licence
520 Wilbraham Road.

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