Thursday, 16 May 2013

BrewDog, Manchester.

It probably wasn't the best time to go and review Brewdog Bar in Manchester City Centre, as they are changing their menu next week. However in my tireless and thankless quest to find the best burgers the city has to offer, Brewdog's name came up a few times. The price at around about £5 was highly attractive as well, especially for my unofficial accountant Mrs Bacon. Even she couldn't refuse my invitation for lunch today, despite constantly nagging me that I spend too much money on eating out (so what else am I going to spend it on?)
Plus any canine name related bar just has to let dogs in, so ours came along for the ride as well. (He's allowed in The Beagle as well; if you know of any more local dog related pubs he can go to please let us know).

The inside is stark and utilitarian, a place where perhaps some serious drinking can be done. We must return on a proper boozy night out. (A re-mortgage maybe in order for that one). I've quite enjoyed Brewdog beers in the past, but have found them to be unsubtle at times, and overly bitter in that grapefuit-y kind of way. Not so the one I drank at lunchtime today. The Dead Pony Club at only 3.8% is a very tasty session beer. £4.10 is a bit steep though, but I guess it is the city centre. (When I first started drinking, it was £1.40 a pint and I remember when this used to be all fields etc etc).

Food wise, we went for a Hamburg Burger (£6.95) a pork patty with Sauerkraut, and The New Delhi (£5.95) a spicy lamb burger.

We enjoyed them both, but our favourite was the Lamb Burger. Not actually that spicy, but juicy and meaty, and definitely a worthy contender for a brand new entry into our Top 10 Manchester Burgers. (Probably not top 5 to be honest but pretty damn good for the price all the same). As I mentioned, Brewdog will soon be jumping on that never ending bandwagon that Manchester has truly embraced: American food (BBQ ribs etc).
I hope they keep their burgers in there somewhere, I'm sure they will, as they are of a decent quality and the price is very reasonable. We will be back soon to try their new menu, and we'll bring our dog with us.

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  1. Do you think they'd let your pooch into Black Dog?x

  2. I may give it a go, but found the food fairly average in dogbowl.

  3. Do you have enormous hands or is that burger a mini?

    1. Both of these things are true, but it wasn't a whole burger on this photo but a half eaten segment!