Friday, 5 April 2013

Tesco Marques de Carano Gran Seleccion White 2011.

We had to pop into our local Tesco, and as we were making a risotto that night, we needed a bottle of white wine to cook with and to drink obviously. Our 'house' white is often Torres Viña Sol. I always feel like drinking this on my holidays in Spain in the hot sun, plus it's a safe choice. It's absolutely delicious.
They'd run out of stock of this. I spotted a bottle of white nearby that was heavily discounted (from £7.99 to £4.49). But it did look good, the packaging screamed 'quality'. This was my first mistake. You see big supermarkets like Tesco often put a wine on 'offer' that's only ever worth the offer price anyway, so you buy it thinking you're getting a bargain and you've not at all. I should have taken my own advice really. I've been stung this way before.
When I got it home and had a sip, it was awful, undrinkable. Very acidic, it makes you screw up your face as if drinking vinegar. It's vile, a real drain pour.
I googled it. Only Tesco linked websites appeared. I should have known. I was duped. But that's for the last time Tesco, I refuse to buy your wines ever again and certainly not any on supposed 'offer'.
In an interesting piece by Tim Atkin, he links the horse meat scandal with the possibility of a similar future scandal in wine production. There is also a problem with British consumers demanding cheaper and cheaper produce generally, the result being that suppliers can take a loss. Tesco never do. They screw the suppliers for all they can get. So when you get a two for one deal, guess who take the hit?
Either that or corners will inevitably be cut.
So I'd urge people to try and spend that extra pound or two on a better quality bottle of wine from your independent wine shop or meat from your local butcher, people you can actually trust.
Is it worth doing anything else?

Price: £4.49, 75cl
Grapes: Blend: Macabeo & Chardonnay
ABV: 12% ABV
Closure: Cork
Scores on the doors: Undrinkable cats piss 0/10.

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