Thursday 25 April 2013

Pie & Ale Bar Manchester.

I went into the Northern Quarter to Pie&Ale for lunch today. It's next door (and connected to) Bakerie. It's a brand spanking new space with panelled wooden walls and high ceilings.

I ordered a Steak & Stilton Pie, with mash and peas sides (only 85p each) plus a pint of Black Jack Brewery First Deal which was on offer at only £2. (I counted six real ale hand-pumps). So the whole lunch came to only £10.50. 

I took one of the cosy looking booths behind the bar. (There's also an upstairs area).
The pie was pretty big, much larger than I expected, with a really firm thick crust, (possibly this could have been slightly thinner) and a generous jug of gravy. You could really taste the Stilton and also the red wine in the gravy which was rich and flavourful. (I sneakily drank this when I thought nobody else was looking as there was no spoon).

I could have done with a bit more mash, but speaking briefly to the manager afterwards he said that the pie was too much for most people, so they'd made the portion of mash a little smaller as people were leaving it. But if you're a big eater like me, they will give you more if you ask for it. I have to say though, after the pie and a pint, it was more than enough in the end, even for me .
The pie was good, it tasted proper home made (they make them on the premises) and the price was fair, plus the bar staff were really friendly.
I like eating pies and I like drinking beer, so Pie&Ale bar was always going to be a winner with me to be honest, and it was.

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  1. Tried it last evening, same pie, mash, peas and gravy, but with a pint of Dunham Massey's excellent Cherry Chocolate Mild.
    Yes, a great pie, but, like you, I thought the portion sizes on the mash and peas were a bit paltry, at 85p for what is effectively a dessert spoonful.
    However, as you say, it's about the pies, and yes, I'll be back.

  2. I'm Italian and I don't particularly like pies, but I had a good experience here a couple of months ago. I expected to be ripped off for average pub-fare, but it was actually very good value for money and food tasted genuine.

    Of course it's not for everyone (you can have either pie and ale, or ale and pie), and I found the modern surroundings somewhat soulless, for an establishment selling food so characteristically local... I guess that's planned, since they're trying to sell old classics to newer generations and don't want to bore them with the usual old-pub setup, but it could do with a little more art on the walls, or something.

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