Tuesday 2 April 2013

La Cocina de Colacho, Lanzarote

 La Cocina de Colacho is another restaurant in Lanzarote that offers a very reasonable taster menu of €39 for 6 courses. We've been before a few years ago, so were looking forward to returning. It's just a short inexpensive taxi ride from the centre of Playa Blanca to the newly built area of Marina Rubicon. You can't miss the restaurant it's swanky glass and steel modernist architecture is quite impressive.
The interior is beautifully realised as well, a million miles away from the usual tourist spots. We were greeted warmly by chef Colacho's wife Anabel who remembered us from the last time we were on the island two years ago. We sat at our preferred table, round the corner, on it's own surrounded by banks of wine bottles. As she is the only waitress, service can be a little slow, we waited a while for the bread to come, but when it arrived it was warm and delicious. We ordered a bottle of rioja and received the first course Cherne; (Grouper) fished from these waters and served with peppers and melted cheese, it was beautiful.
An  Asparagus, local Cheese and Salmon dish came next; again simple ingredients tasting warm and hearty.  
Leek 'cake' and prawns was to follow, similarly delicious rich and moist.
Local Tuna with toast and creamy mash was suitably 'meaty' and fresh, but I'd have liked my fish a little rarer. 
The dish of the night for us both was the Black Pig cooked for 12 hours served with crispy fries. It could have been eaten with a spoon it was that tender, an excellent piece of meat expertly cooked.
A dessert of Juniper Sorbet ended a very enjoyable experience.
All in all,  a really good meal which was even better than our previous visit. The food might be seen as 'high brow' for some tourists tastes, but for us it was simply good cooking, not trying to be anything more than decent quality ingredients treated with respect to make successful enjoyable food.
The bill came to €118 with a bottle of vino tinto and 2 glasses of dessert wine.
This is the best restaurant in Playa Blanca along with Aromas Yaiza.
You have to pay a little more for quality, but if you enjoy good food in a fine modernist setting, it's well worth it.
Price: Not cheap, for a tourist area, but worth it for the quality of cooking
Service: Charming, slow at times.
Atmosphere: Good.
Food: Good
Star dish: Black Pig.


It's currently only open Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

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