Tuesday 23 April 2013

Coffee Love.

I always start my day off with a coffee from my Classic Gaggia machine, my pride and joy. How bloody middle class does that make me? I don't care, I love good coffee so for me it's worth it. It takes about 3 minutes more to make than a crappy horrible tasting instant. I enjoy the process of making the coffee as well. I don't go to the lengths of grinding my own beans, I just buy Illy Espresso Dark Roast, although that is quite expensive, so I often go for Taylors of Harrogate Espresso Dark Roast which is about half the price of the Illy. For a machine like this one you need very finely ground powder or the water just runs through too quickly resulting in a weaker brew. It needs to be very slow, and the quality of the coffee shows when you get a nice crema on the top. (The foam with creamy texture made as a result of the pressure).
I've not found better than Illy yet. I also enjoy making my cappuccino's with the foamer, especially when I do it for someone else. (I pretend I'm working in a coffee shop for a moment). Of course, I add the powdered chocolate on top.
A couple of years ago my machine blew. Luckily I found a fantastic repair man who comes to your house and sorts it out for you at a very reasonable cost. His website is here: http://www.gaggiamanualservice.com/
With coffee in mind, there's a Chorlton Coffee Festival coming up on the 28th - 30th June, which is a fantastic idea, especially suited to our area where we have so many bars and cafés.
You can see more details here:

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