Tuesday 16 April 2013

Aldi Minarete Ribera del Duero 2011

Yet another winner from Aldi this wine. I've drank this before but I can't remember it being so good. (Perhaps it was another vintage). It's velvety smooth, rich, fresh and spicy with pleasing black cherry notes. It's quite difficult to get decent wine from the Douro/Duero region of Spain/Portugal at this price point, so at only £5.49 it's a real steal. Currently at this price range in Aldi it's hard to find a wine that I don't actually love.
Really excellent.

Price: £5.49, 75cl
Grapes: Tempranillo (
Tinta del Pais).
ABV: 13.5% ABV
Closure: Cork
Scores on the doors: 8/10.

Model not supplied (the best dog in the world).


  1. This is a cracker - thanks for the tip.

  2. Excellent - tastes far more expensive.

  3. Typical rough Spanish red but here in NE, USA, Aldi's just started selling Euro wines @ a decent price point. Although I don't really like the rough Spanish Reds, they do blend well with the California Aldi Franzia brand Winking Owl that cost 1/2 of the Minarette.

    What I'd like to see happen here in America is, that someone convinced Carrefore to open just their beverage dept. in the states! I just loved buying a liter of French Red in a paper carton for like $0.75!!! I love Carrefore!!!