Monday 1 April 2013

Aldi Chevalier Cognac

How do you economise when you have such expensive tastes?
I'm not sure that I can ever really justify the amount that I spend on fine food and fine wine, so to save money we often shop at Aldi. But the budget supermarket cleverly make select products to lure people who can probably afford to shop at Sainbury's.
 The wine section as I've discussed in several posts is really good, especially for the amount of shelf space they have. I drank an excellent smooth Spanish red the other day; Toro Loco Reserva for just £4.99.
As I was staying with a few friends in a B&B (the camp-site had shut due to snow),
I decided to treat us all to a nice brandy. When I say us all, I meant mostly me!
So where else would I go but Aldi?

I decide to upgrade and go for the slightly more expensive one. I'm glad I did.
The Chevalier Cognac (£14.99) is a lovely smooth affair, extremely drinkable, dry fruity and rich without any harshness, it did not feel like it was 40% ABV. A warning though; it's extremely gluggable sat by the fire with friends so be careful, before you know it, the bottle is almost gone.

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