Monday 4 March 2013

Mort Subite Belgian Bar Altrincham.

Mort Subite is an authentic Belgian Bar in Altrincham. I met my mates Mark, Dave & Neil there on a sunny Winter Saturday afternoon. It is like entering another world down the stairs. You open the velvet curtain and down you go into the darkness. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust.

I absolutely love this place. Wyn the owner has created a perfect ambience, dark mysterious, and to top it all; a wonderful collection of some of the best beers in the world (Belgian of course - over 160 none commercial bottles as well as quality British beer on tap from the likes of Brewdog & Redwillow.) The music was perfect as well, French (or possibly Belgian) old fashioned tunes, it was like being in a European film. I started on a St Feuillien Blond on tap which was absolutely gorgeous and only 7%.

St. Feuillien blond and The Beer Menu.

Next I had a Dutch Trappist La Trappe Blond, on tap which was good as well. We chatted with the manageress, a Rumanian woman who was very knowledgeable about beer. She brought out a lovely complimentary cheese & ham platter for us, and the last of our party finally arrived (from housework duties.)
I had the surprise bottle of Westvleteren 12 brought out, which at a very reasonable £10 for the bottle we were sharing between us. It's a rare treat, as previously discussed here, this apparent Best Beer in the World' may not be so, but it's certainly one of the hardest to get hold of. I decided on trying a tripel I've not had before (this takes a lot of doing, this style of Belgian Beer is my favourite so I've had quite a few of them.) I went for a Bersalis Tripel which was pretty good, not the best ever, but a solid choice. Lastly I had an old favourite Gouden Carolus Tripel from Het Anker, a superb example of the strong blond dry tripel style.

We left the confines of Mort Subite, slightly inebriated, blinking in the bright sunlight, off to try inferior bars in Altrincham.
I can't recommend this place highly enough, quality beers like this don't come cheap, but it's worth every penny. Superb ambience and the greatest beer in the world, bars don't get much better than this. If you do go, just don't ask for a pint of Landlord.

Some of these pictures remind me of Vermeer paintings.
28-32 Greenwood St, 
Cheshire WA14 1RZ 

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