Friday 22 March 2013

Four Classic Belgian Beers.

I picked up four classic Belgian Beers from Tiny's Tipple the new beer and wine shop in Chorlton. The first Tripel Karmeliet (£3.10) is one of my favourite all time ales. It's so distinct from the others in this tripel style. It pours with a big foam head. It's dry, light, crisp and has that slightly spicy banana-ish wheat beer element that's so pleasant, with a lovely bubbly mouth feel to it.
World class 9/10.

I drank a bottle of La Chouffe (£3.30) afterwards, and to be honest it paled in comparison. It's a standard Belgian brew, a strong cloudy pale beer. It's decent, but I prefer the IPA version. 7/10

St Bernadus Tripel (£2.80) is a lot softer, not too bitter but slightly floral and fruity and nicely balanced. 8/10

Corsendonk Agnus (£2.80) is a big dry foamy bitter tripel, fruity and soft, easy drinking. 8/10

So the star buy is Tripel Karmeliet, also available in Waitrose, Biercell, Bottlestop and Beermoth. 

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