Tuesday 26 March 2013

Épernay Champagne Bar

I can't claim to be an expert on cocktails by any means, but I do enjoy a Mojito or two on holiday. However I'd heard from The Manchester Foodies of an intriguing Cocktail bar in Manchester that I'd never heard of before. Best of all, it was just round the corner from The Midland Hotel where we were eating that night, perfect for pre-meal drinks. Épernay Champagne Bar is said to be Manchester's best kept secret, it's above Taps Bar in the Great Northern Tower near the Gmex or whatever it's called now. We went up the stairs into the cool bar area. It was buzzing with the post work crowd.

 We'd already reserved our table, and were shown to a nice spot at the far end with views along the street. The floor to ceiling glass panelling does make it quite chilly, although to be fair, it was bitterly cold outside.

We had a look at the extensive drinks menu. There is a huge range of signature cocktails and champagne cocktails.

I settled on one that I'd tried in The Library Bar at The Lanesborough Hotel which is now my new favourite cocktail, an Old Fashioned, (Woodford Reserve bourbon orange zest, sugar and bitters, £8.50).

Mrs Bacon was very pleased with her Bombay Sapphire Fusion, (Bombay Sapphire and Giffard Lychee lengthened with pressed apple juice and pineapple - £7)

We munched through the complimentary peanuts, sat in our coats. Time went too quickly as it tends to when chatting and drinking, it soon came time to leave, so I went to the bar to ask for the bill. Whilst there I saw the two Mixologists racing to see who could make the fastest Pornstar (Cariel Vanilla, passion fruit & butterscotch schnapps, with a champagne shot glass, £8.50.)  It smelt absolutely gorgeous, so I just had to order one. It's the most delicious cocktail ever, despite the daft name.

We really enjoyed Épernay, the prices were fairly reasonable and the staff were friendly. We dashed off to the delights of Simon Rogan's The French, very pleased that we had finally found Manchester's best kept secret.


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