Tuesday 5 February 2013

Aldi Amarone della Valpolicella 2008

I bought a bottle of Aldi Amarone della Valpolicella in December as part of their Christmas Super Premium Gourmet Wine Range. I've already reviewed the  Margaux Grand Cru Classé 2004, the Tokaji Aszu 6 Puttonyos 2000 and the 1973 Vintage Bordeaux Napoleon Brandy. 
I was looking forward to this, £13.99 is an absolute fortune for a wine in Aldi. I really rate their wine buyer as well, it had to be good right?
It's an attractive label with a deep punted base. (This is the concave indentation at the base of the bottle.) My mate Mr Kane was telling me how this often (but not always) indicates a good wine. Wineries often use more expensive bottles as part of the marketing, and the theory goes that the punt holds the sediment keeping it in place as you pour. It's also said that it makes it easier to stack the bottles and is more sturdy. Of course when you start researching these things there's always loads of theories and opinions about it.

Back to the wine, when I first drank it, I have to be honest it was a bit of a disappointment. But after a while and after I allowed it to breath, the harsher edges left it. It's smooth, spicy, ripe and black cherry with a pleasing savoury taste. Very pleasant, not outstanding, but good. It worked very well with one of my weekend treats; a massive bowl of spaghetti with classic tomato pasta sauce and chorizo.

Region:  Amarone, Italy.
Price: £13.99
Grapes:  Blend; 33% Corvinone, 33% Rondinella, 33% Corvina.
ABV:   14.5%
Closure:  Cork
Scores on the doors: Good 7/10

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