Monday 25 February 2013

6 Craft Beers from Beermoth.

I had intended to taste all dark beers (porter and stouts) from Beermoth, but I just couldn't resist some of the new IPA's they had in stock, plus a few old favourites. Every beer they've recommended to me so far has been fantastic, and notably scored at least 90 on the American website Ratebeer (where 100 is a perfect brew.) I started off with Odell Cutthroat Porter. (£3.35) from Colorado. This was a light, clean and fresh porter Very drinkable, nicely balanced and smooth with roasted malts. A really enjoyable drink, this could easily be a session beer. 8/10

De Ranke XX Bitter. (£2.80) This is a beer I'm very familiar with from one of my favourite Belgian breweries. It's kind of like a Belgian beer mixed with an English ale. It's quite bitter, dry, herby, floral and very hoppy. It's refreshing and clean but with bitter peppery notes. 7/10

Next is a beer I'm not sure how I've missed tasting up until now, The Kernel IPA Centennial from London (£3.60.) This is lovely, floral, flowery and fresh and just a little bitter. It's superb, I really like the dry hoppy taste, but it's less bitter than the previous which I preferred. 9/10.

Brugse Zot (£3.70) maybe seen as bland if you're expecting a typical strong tasting Belgian brew, but I see it as a session beer. It's clean and has a little of that Belgian magic, it's not especially complex, but it's a good palette cleanser. 8/10

On another session, I also tried the Crooked Tree IPA (£4.10) another new US brew for me. It's a very bitter, tropical dry IPA. Super hoppy and citrussy, definitely one for the 'hop heads'. 8/10.

Last, but by no means least Beavertown Black Betty (£3.90) A superbly balanced smooth black IPA. Not bitter, sharp, or malty it's like black velvet. Just delicious. *Star Choice 9/10 .


  1. Sorry if I've missed this but have you tried any of their Cantillon range? Going down well in this household atm...

  2. Hi Anna & Jamie
    They do indeed have a brilliant lambic range, but I'm not the biggest fan of this style. Having said that it's years since I tried them, perhaps I'll give them another go!