Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cloud 9 Sky Bar, Prague.

We'd already been to several spit and sawdust drinking halls in Prague, now it was time for something different. We were looking for The Prague Hilton and were lost in the back streets. I asked some street cleaners, they pointed to a tram track going deep underground. I looked back hesitantly. "Yes that's the way" they indicated. We walked under the motorway and ended up on the other side of the road, but with a 3 lane duel carriage way to cross. Why do I get us into these dizzy scrapes all in the name of an adventure? We ran across, Mrs Bacon screaming as I dragged her. It seems we had come on holiday my mistake.
We finally walked into the plush hotel reception and were pointed in the direction of the lift up to the Cloud 9 Sky Bar and lounge. We walked giggling through a long neon corridor.  We were welcomed in warmly, there were no snooty staff refusing 'undesirables' like the Cloud 23 in Manchester, despite me wearing trainers they didn't bat an eyelid.

It was about two or three times bigger than the Manchester Hilton Sky Bar, the views were stunning, and the multi coloured lighting was fun, it was a real contrast to the places we'd been drinking in over the last few days.  We both ordered a Mojito each.

Then I had a Bloody Bull; Vodka Tomato Juice, Balsamic, Beef Consommé, Celery Salt & Worcester Sauce.  It was only about £5 for a cocktail. At prices like this, we could drink more!
I noticed a nice looking grazing menu. Despite us having already eaten heartily, of course we had to try something. And naturally it had to be some Foie Gras.
Foie Gras Wafers.
It reminded me of those old fashioned ice creams you used to get with wafers on either side of the cold block of ice cream like a sandwich, but this time it was filled with the richest cold meaty creamy ducks liver.
Yes this was easy living all right, those sorts of times when you just think f*** it, I'll pay for it tomorrow, because tonight I'm king of the world.

Cloud 9 Sky Bar and lounge
Prague Hiton
Pobrezni 311/1,
Prague 18600,
Czech Republic


  1. I hate to think how many ducks died for all of your meals in Prague! Not said in a judgemental way btw - I do eat foie gras on occasion.

  2. I know, it got a bit too much to be honest! I think we'll give those ducks a rest for a while