Tuesday 29 January 2013

Barbakan Cheese & Bacon Bread.

My name is Bacon and I'm an addict, a bread addict. Consequently I choose not eat bread in the week, or I become as big as a house. I just cannot be trusted not to scoff it all at once. Same with the booze. So I try and be 'good' for at least four days of the week. When the weekend comes though, it's open season.
It's very hard to resist, when those fiendish bakers at Barbakan have come up with the most addictive bread known to man. It's the crack cocaine of bakery. They've taken 3 of my favourite food stuffs; bacon, cheese & bread and combined them to make The Cheese & Bacon Loaf.
Look at that lovely cheese crust.
We recently ate a similar bread at Northcote Manor (one of my Top 5 Meals of last year, and an excellent bread selection.) The cheese is melted on top of the loaf and makes a lovely thick crust, but this one also has proper bacon bits in it as well for good measure.
I have it with thickly spread butter (heart attack measures,) but a bacon and cheese buttie with bread fried in the bacon fat would be absolutely amazing! To be honest it's never lasted long enough. I challenge any one to eat just the one slice of this gorgeous bread, I just have to go back for one more slice, then another, and before I know it I'm begging for "just one last piece!" I urge you, just say no to this bread, or you'll become a hopeless addict like me.
Barbakan Cheese & Bacon bread: £2.29
Available from the award winning Barbakan deli
67-71 Manchester Rd 
Also available at Etchells (weekends only)
44 Beech Road


  1. Oooooooooooooh Marje.
    Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbakan an' if it is good enough for the Beachboys