Monday, 10 December 2012

The Marble Beer House.

We beer lovers have it so very good in Chorlton, with over 20 real ale outlets thriving, especially at a time when pubs are closing at an alarming rate. Surely we must live in an area unique outside of London, to have so many in such a small radius. The busiest pubs always seem to be the ones that serve real ale, the typical Chorlton beer drinker is clearly a discerning customer.
The Marble Beer House was one of the earliest of the wave of bars to open after The Bar and Polar Bar (now Oddest.) It's an offshoot of Manchester's best pub and fantastic brewery The Marble Arch on Rochdale road. It maybe one of the earliest of the bars to open, but it's still one of the best.
The Marble always seems to be busy with a friendly set of locals, even on weekdays, and of course the beer range is second to none with the range at the time of my visit including Marble;  Pint, Draft, Manchester bitter, Best, Grinder, Summer, Lagonda IPA, Chocolate, Stouter stout and Dobber.

 They normally have a few guests on, I tried a Durham Apollo which was a nice but quite bitter pale ale. I then sampled 'Pint' which is a great fruity session beer.
 One of the things they're cracked here is the lovely warm cosy atmosphere, with subdued lighting, and candles on the table. It's one of those pubs that if the barmaid drops a glass, everybody cheers.

 This is the sort of place I love to drink in.  Somebody can quite easily sit alone in here reading a a book from the little library,  nobody would bother them, and they wouldn't look out of place.
Half way through his second pint, one of my friend's declared; "I love beer" I added, I love drinking beer in a pub like this talking rubbish with like-minded mates. Is there anything better?
After 3 pints, I left on a cold Sunday evening thinking:
"Everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds."
The Marble Beer House.
57 Manchester Road, 
Chorlton cum Hardy, 
Manchester, M21 9PW

No food, just snacks & great beer. 
Dog friendly.

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