Tuesday 18 December 2012

J. B. Richardson Traditional Bakery

A few years ago, a sandwich shop and café opened up on Beech road with a Hacienda theme. Sadly I knew the writing was on the wall from the off, and gave it six months. This is because locals and anyone working in the area knows that the best take out sandwiches to be had on Beech road are from J. B. Richardson traditional Bakery.
If you open up in competition to this place you had better make sure you are better or cheaper, preferably both.  Unfortunately this place was neither, so it didn't last too long. (It's now been replaced by the Chorlton Green Brasserie of which more later.)

 J. B. Richardson has been going since 1947 and is now in the third generation of the family. So they know something about running a bakery. What I like about this place is that they stick to what they do best; British bread and cakes.
I'm a real sucker for their pies and pasties, and the traditional cakes are hard to resist. The vanilla slice is a particular favourite. You always get served with a smile, and when I was in there taking photographs they were rarely without a queue.
 They invited me to take a look at the just baked chocolate orange cakes, the smell was incredible, I was very happy to take a free one with thanks!
For this tasting I'm choosing my regular buys; a small granary loaf and a Cornish pasty. (if we get a sandwich made, it's most likely we'll go for egg mayo.)
The Cornish Pasty is one of their best sellers along with the fantastic steak and kidney pie. The pasty is warm and comforting with crisp pastry. Just a little touch of pepper mixes up perfectly with the savoury meat and potato filling as you bite in. Gorgeous!

The granary is perfect, nice and crisp with a satisfying crunch to the crust.  I used to love their super thin slicing machine, that made the finest ham sandwich known to man (with ham from J Robinson) But it broke so they got a new machine that cuts it thicker.
Nice cakes

Happy Gingerbread Men.
The friendliest staff
This place is another brilliant thing about living in the Beech road area. 
Here's to the next 65 years!

J. B. Richardson Bakery
95 Beech Rd

Manchester M21 9EQ



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  2. This reminds me so much of the local bakery that we have across our apartment. Do you have, by any chance, an idea of what kind of sweetener they use? Thanks!

    Mischna Ong